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Swimming Pool Cover---Fantastic Quality swimming pool bubble cover at Incredible Prices

Why should I buy a swimming pool tents and domes?

Buying a outdoor swimming pool enclosures also offers many other benefits. By reducing the amount of water evaporation from your pool, you are also reducing the amount of chemicals that are evaporating, meaning you will reduce your chemical costs. Furthermore, a pool cover prevents debris and rain from entering the pool which use up chlorine: less debris means less chemical use, reduced cleaning time, and makes it much easier to maintain your pool. Covers can also help to keep out the sunlight which is particularly helpful if you are likely to leave a pool unused for some time, since excluding sunlight will prevent algae and other plant life from growing in the pool water and turning it green. Our safety bubble swimming pool are also extremely effective at safeguarding your family against accidents and improving swimming pool safety.

Here are a few benefits of having a pool bubble cover

Protect the sun, cold weather and rain/Reduce your pool's carbon footprint/Reduce your chemical bill ,/ Reduce pool cleaning time / Conserve water / Help heat your pool / Prevent algae and plant growth / Using a heat retention cover on your pool.

They eliminate more than 98% of evaporation, / Drastic reduction in the need to use a hot water heater during the pool use, / Decrease the consumption of electricity by over 50%. Dehumidifiers and vacuum systems can be switched off overnight,

Reduce the consumption of chemical products up to 30%, / Halve the time needed to filter and pump water.

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