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Inflatable Pool  / Volleyball pool

Our inflatable pool is made by adhesive with high frequency heat sealing process production. it is light weight, easy to carry, also only take ten minutes to inflate.  One time molding, with abrasion resistance, tear resistance, air tightness and good access, high strength, durable, quality first-class.

Having a pool is a desire many people, and if it wasn’t possible to include in the initial project in the house of your dreams, there’s no need to panic because an excellent alternative is the inflatable pool and here are some reasons why you should get one right away.

An inflatable pool becomes a great choice for those who want to have a “refreshing corner” on hot days, and it can also be a perfect choice for those who don’t want to face all the issues that come along when building a real pool.

In addition to cooling hot days, it’s definitely something your pocket and your wallet will be thankful for because we all know how less expensive it is to get one of these instead of making a real hole in your backyard.

Of course, inflatable pools are a guarantee for children to have fun at home without spending much.

One of its main advantages is its practicality, this means that it’s very easy to assemble one. In short, only one pump is needed to set it up, and that’s it.

For those who have problems with lack of space, the inflatable pool ends up being a perfect option, since it can be easily stored anywhere in your place.

If you are not sure when choosing a pool model, it’s ideal first to consider an appropriate size for the available space you have. Besides that, it’s also very important to consider the number of people who are going to be using the pool, so you won’t fail at the moment of getting the right size, as well as its depth, taking in account whether it’s going to be used by adults or children.

In case you’re wondering about water maintenance, it’s done with a filter that helps to keep the water clean, you can even use specific cleaning products for this, to constantly prevent the water from being often changed.

The inflatable pool can be customized to family pool series and adult swimming pool series. As a professional manufacturer, we can produce all kinks of size according to the customer demand. our Inflatable pool series products, is one of the best summer enjoy the cool air of leisure business projects, has the advantages of convenient, safe, fast, no matter in the park or in the plaza or the residential side of the road. this product can be used singly or in combination to the water ball,zorb ball,water roller。

Shape and size: When picking out an inflatable pool, it's important to keep both the size and shape of the pool in mind. For the size, you’ll need to measure your yard to see how much space you have. Next, consider the number of people the pool should accommodate, factoring in whether you need something for children, adults or both. Finally, make sure you pick a shape — circular, oval or rectangular — that will suit the users and the space.

Location: You want to set up on level ground. Your inflatable pool should sit on a flat surface to ensure that the entire footprint is supported evenly.

Air pump: You'll likely need to purchase an electric air pump separately, as most pool sets don't include one. Look for air pumps with different nozzle attachments so you can use yours to inflate a variety of items in your house.

Drain: It's critical to completely drain your inflatable pool at the end of the season, because stagnant water can attract mosquitoes and ticks. Newer pools will usually have a drain plug, which ensures easier cleanup when it's time to take the pool down.

I advise draining the water and letting the pool dry in the sun before you deflate and store it.

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